ICONZ Adventure is 100% pure NZ Kiwi brand of children's after school or weekend programme for 8-11 year olds or year 5-6 at primary school.

 Greerton ICONZ meets on Tuesday evenings from 6.00pm through to 7.30pm at the activity centre of Greerton Bible Church, cnr Oropi and Chadwick Roads, Greerton.  The Greerton group is a boys only club as Greerton Girl’s Rally provides a programme for girls from the same venue.

 The structure of the programme allows opportunity to foster leadership skills and co-operative teamwork as the indoor and outdoor activities unfold.

From time to time citywide activities are held to allow the lads to meet with a larger group and enjoy activities with larger scope. Regional camps are also held annually during school holiday time and prove enjoyable for those who can attend.

 The cost to the families of this activity is kept low to provide an affordable boys’ club for this age group. So the programmes require funding support to continue and the leaders operate on a volunteer basis.

 From the ICONZ website http://www.iconz.org.nz/

 “The Name ICONZ has Icons and NZ because it is our aim to develop each child into a Kiwi Icon using positive role models (Kiwi Icons) from families, churches and from within the local community. Our curriculum material builds on the heritage, culture and pride that are unique to our country. Through this we want to grow meaningful and positive relationships and boundaries for teaching under the (ALLS Fun) principles of Adventure, Leadership, Life Skills and Fun.”