Light Party

The Life-Link Community Trust has been supporting the annual Light Party on October 31st held in the Greerton Bible Church grounds for four years and each year has seen huge attendance numbers, proving it’s popularity in the community. Click the following links for videos of past events.

        Simon Bridges (Local MP) at Light Party 

         Bill Granger(city councillor) at Light Party

The format of a variety of skill based activities to participate in and inform alongside animal interaction and age appropriate carnival attractions, such as bouncy castle has proved popular over the years of staging the event.

Children of all ages attend in the care of parents or other whanau, and participation together is a pleasure to see in strengthening our families and community spirit.

We are happy to support the safety of the occasion with the attendance of St John’s First aid in attendance and this in itself prove a great educational opportunity as they enter into the spirit of the occasion, satisfying the curiosity of delighted children.

We are grateful to the eighty or more volunteers who give their time and energies to making this annual event a highlight activity in the local community. Thanks also are due to the various donations and local funding charities that permit the resourcing of this activity.

We support this event because it provides a safe place for youngsters to be out having a fun time with their families rather than wandering the streets on Halloween evening often unsupervised and door knocking with it’s attendant safety risks.