Girls Rally

Every Girls rally is an international movement for the fostering of whole-of-life skills of young women in the community.

 This activity caters to girls aged 7 to 16, providing them with a programme packed with activities, games, crafts and a devotional talk to cater to the whole person development of girls in the Tauranga community.  The structure of the programme allows opportunity to foster leadership skills and co-operative teamwork as the evening’s activities unfold. In most school terms a family based activity is held where whanau and other supporters are invited to attend.

Opportunities beyond those mentioned are offered from time to time in the form of daylong outings or camps.

At present sessions are being run fortnightly on Mondays from 4.00pm through to 6.00pm in the Greerton Bible Church Activities centre cnr Oropi/Chadwick Roads, Tauranga.


Greerton Every Girls Rally is supported by the National and Regional Councils that provide resources, run camps and trainings resources to enhance effective programming and leadership skills in both Adult and Cadet leaders.

 The cost to the families of this activity is kept low to provide an affordable girls’ club for this age group. So the programmes require funding support to continue and the leaders operate on a volunteer basis.

 From the Rally Movement website

 The ‘Aims’ of the Rally Movement are to build children into worthy and useful citizens in the community, using three specific areas:
-  building strong Christian character (SPIRITUAL)
-  increased knowledge and understanding (EDUCATIONAL)
-  developing physical fitness and team co-operation (PHYSICAL)